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December 22, 2021

With sponsorship from Centene, Applied Self-Direction convened an Executive Roundtable Series in September 2021 to bring together national experts and stakeholders for in-depth discussions on the design and implementation of information and... Read more

December 21, 2021

In December 2021, Applied Self-Direction held a Preparing for Year-End 2021 training for Financial Management Services providers in self-direction. The training covered:

  • Proper procedures for Form 941 completion and filing, including... Read more
November 12, 2021

Applied Self-Direction held a member webinar on November 10th to discuss the many new federal policy updates affecting self-direction including the updated Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Centers for Medicare and... Read more

September 24, 2021

In September 2021, Applied Self-Direction held a webinar to discuss the many new federal policy updates affecting self-direction. Attendees learned the latest on federal OSHA rules on workplace safety and COVID-19 vaccines and their impact on... Read more

August 12, 2021

Self-direction is a lifeline for people living in frontier and rural areas, as it allows them to receive the services they need while safely remaining in the community where they feel most at home. This case study highlights the importance of... Read more

June 25, 2021

Many self-direction programs allow people to hire their own family members to provide the support they need to be independent. In fact, more states than ever have started to allow individuals to hire family during the pandemic. To the uninformed... Read more

June 23, 2021

The 21st Century Cures Act requires states to operate electronic visit verification (EVV) systems for personal care services offered via Medicaid. These EVV systems must verify six key data elements, including ‘the individual providing the... Read more

May 17, 2021

In 2019, HSRI and Applied Self-Direction hosted an international learning exchange on self-direction and mental health. During this presentation, presenters from HSRI and Applied Self-Direction describe what they learned from the exchange and... Read more

April 30, 2021

Have you ever wondered why Fiscal/Employer Agents (F/EAs) use certain tax forms? Have you ever seen a form and thought, “this form is perfect for F/EAs, should we use it?”  Well, if you haven’t, ASD’s Laura Mauldin has!  During this session,... Read more

March 26, 2021

Self-Direction 101 is a training event exclusively available to State Program members. This training is designed for State Program staff who are new to self-direction and those looking for a refresher on the basics. This training covered topics... Read more


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