Information & Assistance in Self-Direction Member Forum

September 30, 2021

We are holding an Information and Assistance (I&A) in Self-Direction Member Forum on Thursday, September 30th from 2-3 PM (EST).

States vary widely in their approaches to structuring and paying for I&A in self-direction. In some states, I&A service delivery is led by a “support broker” that specializes in supporting people who self-direct. In other states, I&A is provided exclusively by the participant’s case manager or service coordinator. Training requirements, provider qualifications, scopes of work, and even caseloads vary widely from state to state. As of today, there are few resources available on best practices for designing I&A in self- direction. We are launching a new initiative, with generous sponsorship from Centene, to better understand how best to structure I&A and we would love to hear from members on this important topic!

Join us for a discussion where state programs and FMS entities will discuss:

  • Should I&A be a separate, standalone service, or included as part of an FMS or MCO scope of work?
  • If a standalone service, what are the trade-offs of offering it via an agency structure (e.g., a specialized support brokerage agency or as a service offered by a Center for Independent Living) or an independent model (i.e., individuals who meet provider qualifications for the service may enroll as providers)?
  • How should I&A be paid for (e.g., Per Member Per Month flat fee, a set rate per 15 minutes, etc.)?
  • If it is paid from a budget or authorization, should members be able to waive this service?
  • What particular skills must an I&A professional possess in order to support individuals effectively?

Email for more information.