Elderly, disabled Texans wanting to stay in their homes threatened by low home care pay

March 30, 2023

Laurie Truesdell of Mesquite is managing her own budget under Medicaid. Truesdell, who from birth has had cerebral palsy, said she waited seven years to get off a state waiting list for Community Living Assistance and Support Services, or CLASS, which covers attendant services. Truesdell’s initial experience with paid attendants was traumatic. Her attendant, realizing she couldn’t make it on the low wages, bailed after about three days. Truesdell then turned to her parents, to be her paid caregivers but her father is now 84, and transition planning is needed. Trusdell has now hired an attendant, but explains, “I live in constant fear that I won’t be able to keep her if the wages don’t increase to a competitive wage.” Read the full article.