Past wrongs leave little confidence in the next chapter of Nebraska Developmental Disability programs

June 16th, 2024
Nebraska Public Media
Historically, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have been on the waiting list for something called the Comprehensive Developmental Disability waiver, according to Alana Schriver, Executive Director of the Nebraska Association of Service Providers. Her organization advocates for service providers across the state. Through Gov. Jim Pillen’s announcement, the only people with developmental disabilities who will receive the comprehensive waiver are people in traumatic situations. Those situations include homelessness, the death of a caregiver, or abuse or violence in the home. Previously, it was based on the date a person entered the waitlist. Schriver said the new rule explains why advocates “aren’t jumping for joy” over the plan to eliminate the waitlist. “It's because they're eliminating it by essentially making it impossible to get that service,” Schriver said. “So, there's no waitlist, because you can't have it. So, I don't like it because, for me, it eliminates choice. It eliminates self-direction.”
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