Public Policy & Aging Report: Participant Self-Direction in Long-Term Supports and Services

January 10, 2017

The Gerontological Society of America released a press release announcing their new issue of the Public Policy & Aging Report, Participant Self-Direction in Long-Term Supports and Services. The issue can be viewed online (non-subscribers can read the Editor’s Choice and Intro articles for free).

A total of seven articles are included, including many articles written by NRCPDS staff. The issue starts with a look at the evolution of self-directed care in home and community-based services in the U.S. and a review of recent trends in demand and availability. The issue also documents changes in federal legislation, regulation, and practice that have encouraged the growth of self-directed LTSS. Another piece makes international comparisons between programs in Australia, England, Germany, the Netherlands, and the U.S. — and highlights significant differences in terms of eligibility, policy, and process between the approaches taken in each of the countries. The final article focuses on where the field of self-directed care is likely to go next from its current status in the American health care system.