Travelling Hopefully: Best Practice in Self-Directed Support

November 10, 2016

Report: Travelling Hopefully: Best Practice in Self-Directed Support by Simon Duffy

South Australia has firmly committed itself to shifting power to its citizens with disabilities. It has decided to reform its systems of funding for support and make increasing use of self-directed support.

This report offers ideas and information on best practices in self-directed support to help South Australians with disabilities and their allies to make the most of this moment.

This report recommends:

  • Embrace the idea of citizenship- it is what people want
  • Give people real freedom and control over their own budgets
  • Define meaningful entitlements
  • Let people be creative and develop and share innovations
  • Make better use of existing people and systems
  • Ensure people are linked together to provide peer support
  • Encourage stronger families, communities, and real wealth
  • Give control to the right person
  • Focus on what really improves people's safety
  • Welcome leadership at every level

This report ends with a series of links to other publications which may be of interest to anyone interested in reforming welfare systems.