Applied Self-Direction created a Directory of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Vendors Interested in Serving Self-Direction Programs based on a Request for Information (RFI) to identify vendors interested in serving self-direction programs. In... read more
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Applied Self-Direction created a Directory of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Vendors Interested in Serving Self-Direction Programs based on a Request for Information (RFI) to identify vendors interested in serving self-direction programs. In... read more
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Applied Self-Direction partnered with the ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center to update this guidebook for programs that provide respite and are interested in developing and implementing self-directed respite. The guide is offered as... read more
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This reference guide compiles key excerpts from the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) that pertain to Fiscal/Employer Agents (F/EAs) operating under Section 3504 of the Internal Revenue Code. The Internal Revenue Manual is an extensive compilation of... read more
Applied Self-Direction compiled and analyzed public, state-reported data from 1915(c) waivers about the cost of Financial Management Services (FMS) in Medicaid-funded self-direction. We undertook this effort in response to one of our most commonly... read more
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During this forum, Financial Management Services (FMS) members identified key drivers of FMS cost and quality and share their perspectives. To kick off the discussion, Kate Murray from Applied Self-Direction presented initial findings from a... read more
This resource, developed with the generous sponsorship of Centene, is designed to provide information to states, managed care organizations, and other stakeholders regarding core competencies and skills for professionals providing Information and... read more
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In this report, Applied Self-Direction analyzes data from the FY2020 annual report of Medicaid Fraud Control Units to better understand the prevalence of fraud in self-direction. We found that the prevalence of fraud in self-direction is very low,... read more
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In recent years, there has been scant research examining the extent of racial disparities in access to and use of self-direction programs. While existing research does confirm disparities exist, further study is needed. Dr. Chanee Fabius, a leading... read more
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The National Center on Advancing Person-Centered Practices and Systems (NCAPPS) Self-Direction Learning Collaborative will bring together teams of people with professional and lived experience from States, Territories, and Tribal human services... read more
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Researchers from the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy at Brandeis University recently published a study on how people who self-direct received help during the pandemic, protected themselves from the coronavirus, and stayed healthy. Michael... read more
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This 2022 National Self-Direction Conference session was designed to educate states and managed care organizations about the cost of providing Financial Management Services (FMS). To help guide the discussion, Kate Murray presented initial findings... read more
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There is a pervasive and long-standing narrative that personal care services, and specifically self-directed personal care programs, are highly susceptible to fraud. This narrative stems from numerous publications from the Office of the Inspector... read more
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Medicaid does not pay the room and board costs for a Medicaid recipient receiving home and community-based services. However, under a specific area of Medicaid law, Medicaid will pay the proportionate room and board costs of a live-in personal care... read more
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In partnership with AARP, the Applied Self-Direction team has completed a National Inventory of Self-Directed Long-Term Services and Supports Programs every three years since 2011. In this 2022 National Self-Direction Conference session, the... read more
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Paperwork, timesheet, and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) punch errors can be time-consuming for an FMS entity. An employee getting hired, but never working for a participant can be frustrating and costly for an FMS entity. But, what is the... read more
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More than any other health program, self-direction fosters joint advocacy between provider agencies, consumers, and workers. Over the past two years, CDPAANYS and Hand-In-Hand have worked together as part of the New York Caring Majority to build an... read more
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Beginning, in FY2022, VA has a rapid plan for nationwide expansion of VDC expected from Federal Fiscal Year 2022 – 2026. In addition, other Federal Initiatives and pending legislation, including the Elizabeth Dole Home Care Act, emphasize the... read more
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During the 2022 National Self-Direction Conference, Mary Sowers, the Executive Director of the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS), presented the major trends impacting self-direction in the wake... read more
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States vary widely in their approaches to structuring and paying for information and assistance (I&A) in self-direction. Whether delivered by a support broker or a case manager, I&A services are available to help people learn to manage the... read more
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Led by and for multiply-marginalized and non-speaking disabled people, The Alliance for Citizen Directed Supports was founded in 2016 to support people with disabilities to create life journeys of their own making. Throughout the past six years, we’... read more
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Have you ever wondered why Fiscal/Employer Agents (F/EAs) use certain tax forms? Have you ever seen a form and thought, “this form is perfect for F/EAs, should we use it?” Well, if you haven’t, Applied Self-Direction's Laura Mauldin has! During this... read more
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A review of self-direction literature, statutes, policies, and advocacy papers in the U.S. and other countries reveals a number of recurrent aspirations of the creators of these programs. Considering these themes as a whole makes it possible to... read more
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With sponsorship from Centene, Applied Self-Direction convened an Executive Roundtable Series in September 2021 to bring together national experts and stakeholders for in-depth discussions on the design and implementation of information and... read more
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In December 2021, Applied Self-Direction held a Preparing for Year-End 2021 training for Financial Management Services providers in self-direction. The training covered: Proper procedures for Form 941 completion and filing, including Schedule R for... read more
Applied Self-Direction held a member webinar on November 10th to discuss the many new federal policy updates affecting self-direction including the updated Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Centers for Medicare and... read more
In September 2021, Applied Self-Direction held a webinar to discuss the many new federal policy updates affecting self-direction. Attendees learned the latest on federal OSHA rules on workplace safety and COVID-19 vaccines and their impact on self-... read more
Self-direction is a lifeline for people living in frontier and rural areas, as it allows them to receive the services they need while safely remaining in the community where they feel most at home. This case study highlights the importance of self-... read more
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