Self-Direction Toolkit

Designed for individuals and families who are beginning to self-direct or considering self-directing their services, these videos are an introduction to self-direction and the many benefits available to those who choose more choice and control over their services.


Common terms in self-direction.

What is Self-Direction

Introduction to self-direction and how it differs from traditional services.

Who Supports Me in Self-Direction

Support available to individuals self-directing including case managers, Financial Management Services agencies, and sometimes support brokers

Managing Scheduling & Spending

How to schedule workers in self-direction and the rules that participants need to follow when managing their budgets.

Hiring Workers

How to hire workers in self-direction by discussing who to consider for potential employees and what to do in the interview process.

Managing Workers

How to manage workers in self-direction, including how to recognize problems and handle conflict.

Fraud, Abuse, & Neglect

How to identify fraud, abuse, and neglect as well as who to contact for support.

Electronic Visit Verification

What Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is and how it applies to self-direction.

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